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Wu Xiubo male god love back Chinese years leading brand of solid wood
2020-3-25 10:36:03

From the spring festival only less than a month, panic buying craze is special purchases for the Spring Festival struck. At the beginning of January 16th, Home Furnishing Kinhom Whampoa  Avenue will hold 9 days of special purchases for the Spring Festival sale Home Furnishing. This event brings together a number of first-line furniture brand: Kinhom intelligent home Museum, cheers, Fontane, nature, the United States, kin Wai, federal Rimini, Yong Botang, and wind, mousse, Jalam, wooden, Le Jia Connaught, Chinese teacher and a home new supply. Furniture brand furniture as low as 80 percent off. It is reported that during winter, visit Kinhom furniture intelligent Museum customers without consumption to be involved in extracting gold awards, 10 grams of monkey year commemorative gold bars, 5 grams of monkey year commemorative gold... Shopping full 8000 yuan to pay the value of 1988 yuan that is free of charge a mattress. During the event can also directly to Kinhom smart home museum stores "gifts" to receive a free New Year blessing, a limited number, after delivering only.

(Jing Xun)

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