Micro Bacteria fertilizaton
A. Technical specification: the content of effective live bacteria more than 1 billion / g; organic elements more than 60%

B. Raw materials: soybean meal more than 60%, rotting PH value more than 10%, xylitol slag more than 10% , micro elements more than 5%, active calcium more than 6%, no-deep tiller more than 4%, bacteria more than 5%
The scope of application and the effect of use

1. the scope of application: applicable to a variety of soils and all kinds of crops: vegetables, fruit trees, rice, soybeans, corn, peanuts, traditional Chinese medicine, tobacco, cotton, potatoes, flowers, seedlings, wheat, melons, lawns and so on.

2. The use of the effect

1. vegetables: strong, leaf thick green fat, increase the amount of roots 2-3 times more than, transplanted without slow seeding period, 7-14 days in advance, extended harvest period 7-15 days, fruit color bright, fresh delicious, increase production of more than 20%.

2. Melon crops: the root system developed, the stem and cranberry stout, the leaves on the upturn, high fruit rate, promote precocious, extend the long-term development of 20-30 days, increase yield of more than 20%.

3. Bulb crops: Stalks elongated and puffed rapidly; long-term growth, garlic, onions, ginger’s shapes are large and uniform; can increase yield of 10%-30% or more.

4. Sugar crops: leaf big, root more, growth strong, sugar production can increase by about 12 degrees; when harvesting beet, easy to pull out;  big , tall and stout stem of sugarcane; increased yield by more than 15%.

5. Tubers and root crops: smooth surface, few spots, large and uniform shape; reduce the incidence of root rot and disease; increase the content of starch and sugar, increased yield of more than 15%.

6. Fruit trees: Can promote fruit bud differentiation, improve pollination rate, increase the amount of capillary 30%-50%; more fruits, trees strong, and the branches and leaves lush. Fruity pure, smooth, bright color, more sugar content; special effect for apple brown spot disease, pear black heart disease, peach soft tip, crack fruit, grape crack fruit, grain , soft hanging; production increase by 15%.

7. Tobacco leaves yellowing earlier, maturity and quality significantly improved.

8. Flowers: flower stem stout, long and straight, leaves thick and green, buds, flowers large and bright, flowering ahead of schedule, harvest period extended.

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