Complex fertilizaton
Properties of formaldehyde:

Controllability: According to the law of crop fertility, by adjusting the amount of additives can be arbitrarily designed and produced in different release periods of slow release fertilizer;

Efficiency: nutrients can be released according to crop demand, how much demand release, greatly reduce the loss of nutrients, improve fertilizer utilization;

Environmental protection: nutrient savement to the environment less, at the same time the shell can be completely biodegradable, environmentally friendly;

Safety: lower salt index, will not burn seedlings, injury roots, economic, can be applied once, the entire fertility period play a fat effect, while more conventional fertilization can reduce the amount of use, fat saving, labor saving.

Therefore, the combination of the above two raw materials technology, so that the performance of this fertilizer is more flawless, that is, long-term and long-term, reduce costs to increase production, in vegetables, watermelons, strawberries, fruits, garlic and other cash crops can significantly increase sugar, improve production. The use of wheat, rice, cotton and other crops significantly increased the weight of thousands of grains. Improve the ability to resist inversion, anti-down, is really a good fertilizer.
Gao Manwang brand biochemical compound fertilizer is based on the by-products of vitamin manufacturing as raw material, add high-quality mineral fertilizer, using the latest alcohol, enzyme hydrolysis, chelation and other biochemical processing process process of functional compound fertilizer; Among them, polyspridium has significantly improved fertilizer utilization rate, significantly improved the quality of agricultural products, and significantly improved crop resistance and drought resistance. Anti-freeze. In addition to anti-heavy resusonandand and other functions, the most important thing is to dissolve in the water can be in 24 hours to the plate knot soil glue into a loose grain structure, significantly improve the soil water conservation and fertilizer capacity, significantly improve the soil ecological environment, depending on the soil quality of the amount per acre 50-100 kg.
Meanwhile, the addition of polysinase is a new generation of multi-organic chelated fertilizer. Polysine enzyme: it is refined by bioengineering technology, polymerized by highly active organic molecules, rich in a variety of amino acids, can effectively promote the development of crop root system and nutrient transport, so that plants grow healthily, with long chains, folds, folds, spiral molecular polymers, applied to fertilizer through super adsorption, organic wrap, Multi-level clamping and other ways, can increase the amount of nitrogen in the soil, reduce the opportunity for water-soluble phosphorus to be fixed by the metal ions and organisms in the soil, reduce the loss of potassium, prolong the effective supply time of fertilizer nutrients, and thus improve the utilization rate of fertilizer nutrients. Polysine enzyme is mainly used in agriculture in the field of green agricultural development, with long-chain protein properties and anionic surfactants and other advantages. As a carrier to make different dogenies of fertilizer, do bottom fertilizer, fertilizer, extra-root fertilization, through the polysinase effect on fertilizer enrichment, strengthen the absorption of nutrients, promote root growth, increase yield, robust plants, enhance resistance, reach deep leaf, improve quality. The compound fertilizer of the application of polysine enzyme preparation can improve the fertilizer utilization rate by 20%-30%, reduce the fertilizer usage by more than 15%, polysine enzyme has non-toxic, no residue and so on, is the use of bionic synthesis technology developed a new crop nutrition absorption and can enhance fertilizer efficiency, improve the crop's disease resistance, has comprehensive nutrition to the crop, Stimulates bioenzyme activity and strengthens the absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements, especially for zinc, boron, iron, calcium and other elements of crops. Therefore, polysinase is a striking new generation of fertilizers.

The quality of formaldehyde compound fertilizer in the entire fertilizer industry is high-end, belonging to a high-end fertilizer. The advantage it currently shows is that it can be quickly integrated into the soil, while the microbial decomposition can produce nitrogen that is conducive to plant absorption. The fertilizer effect of formaldehyde compound fertilizer can be maintained for a very long period of time, almost to the whole long-term growth of the crop to provide a comprehensive nutritional supply, to ensure the good growth of the crop, because its slow release effect is very significant.

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