Economic Machines
Size: L×W×H 730X700X1450mm
Weight: 68KG
Pump capacity: 1.5kW
Rated Flow speed: 4 m3/h
Rated lift height: 48 M
Output Water Pressure: 0.1-0.3MPa
Venturi Volume: 250L/h
Power Supply: 220V±5%
Cable Specification: KVV2 X2.5mm
Humidity: 30%~70%
Envirenment Temperture: 5℃~35℃

Basic Features

1. Equipped with Xinjie PLC and WineView HMI( 10 inches) , reliable system running and easy structure advantages

2. Three  fertilization suction outputs, equipped with flowmeters and adjustable valves seperately; the fertilizaton dose may be adjusted as nessary for plants; this type applicable for cultivation with soil.

3. This type may be made as automatic type, type of which is ZNGY-F-3.5-SD02

4. More irrigation pump may be added and pipe diameter may be enlarged , whose control area may reach to 1~150 acres
5. Reasonable data combination realizing power saving with one pump of multifunction. 
6. Synchronized fertilization and water, uniform irrigaton liquid. 
7. Compact structure, easy interface and operation.
8. Interface to IOT system
9. If information modified , we will not inform officially, please refer to your equipment instruction.

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